At the beginning of this month we went to a concert held at the zoo… Unfortunately it rained all day and the event still went ahead, so it was disappointing. We went just so as not to waste the money we spent on tickets, and stayed for maybe forty minutes before giving up. It was just crap. We ended up at a pub bistro, eating potato wedges and watching the AFL grand final, just because.
There were two good things about the zoo, though – Devin had his first ride on a bus. Don’t tell him it was actually a minibus.


And we got to dress him in a poncho.

Other October highlights include –

Putting weed flowers in a chain on the creek bridge to hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face.

Devin showing off his magnificent photography skills by taking essentially the same photo five times.

Devin taking a shovel full of sand as an offering to the large bird that landed in the yard. Shockingly, the bird wasn’t impressed.

The brand new sensory garden experiencing flooding issues not once, but twice.

Also, the area outside the garden.

My sous-chef attacking broccoli with a butter knife while an empty ostrich egg observes from a glass vase.

Finding that the food wholesaler down the road sells the sushi we normally buy from a cafe on the other side of town… Eating said ‘soosi’ while watching NFL.

Making a hula hoop rug using old skirts and t-shirts, with ‘help’ from Devin.

More creative brilliance from Devin, who managed to change the camera setting and then take a photo.

Exploring the skate park.

A certain little someone always scrambling into the driver’s seat. Only 14 years too early.

Dandelion destruction along the creek.

Actually, doing a lot of things around the creek, because it’s close to home, smells surprisingly good at the moment, and runs along a fair distance.

Yet more October occurrences –

  • No more dummy. Finally. We can thank Daddy for that.
  • A family of magpies constantly hanging around the front yard for food. One in particular is so tame that I think it would take food from our hands, but I at least have not been brave enough to try that. We feed them chicken. They don’t like strawberries.
  • Devin started Kinder Gym, and it’s really great. To think I put it off for so long…
  • So many more words! His speech is getting so much better, and quite suddenly. This, of course, presents a new set of challenges. When he says “soosi” or “sooshi”, for example, he could mean sushi, or strawberries, or Yoshi. “Again” and “all done” sound exactly the same, and considering they’re pretty much opposite, well… You see.
  • He is counting, kind of. Usually it goes, “doo, sree, wore, sicks, ayyte, nnn-en!” Often “sicks, ayyte” is repeated over and over.
  • I found sugar-free chocolate that is tasty. And expensive.
  • I lost $20 due to my crappy short-term memory, and this time I can’t blame it on being pregnant. I’m just really flaky.
  • I almost left $60 in the ATM for the same reason, even though the whole time I was thinking, ‘Don’t forget the money, don’t forget the money’.
  • I’m getting distracted by David Bowie, so that’s all for now.

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