Devin Hawk

One day, when the playground was beginning to get crowded, I convinced Devin to leave and come with me across the sporting fields so I could look at this mirror mosaic.

I think he only came because there was a tractor mowing the the fields.
He stuck around long enough for me to take a few (smudgy) photos, and then he was off. To this –

The outside of the skate park’s full pipe (apparently, it was the first one built in Australia).
At first he was content with just running up and down the hill, and then he wanted to see what he was actually running around…

… which gave me heart palpitations. He wanted to go into the bowl, but I was not prepared for that kind of physical activity. Plus, I was expecting the local truants to be around at any time. Really, I thought we were lucky that it happened to be deserted that day.

But I guess sometimes kids actually do go to school, because it was empty when we went back the first time.

And also the second time.
I wasn’t planning on stopping this time, but Devin saw it from the car and got excited.

And no, he is not happy when it’s time to go.


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