For want of a better subject.

  • I like hearing about other people’s weird dreams. I dream up some insanely creepy, stupid, gory, beautiful, scenic, ridiculous things, and I used to write them all down in a notebook… I don’t remember them so well now, but I really do like it when people tell me their crazy dreams. Even if it’s like, “I had the most insane dream last night, I was a purple kangaroo and you were John Malkovic!”, and I kind of smile and think, ‘That’s it?
  • My short-term memory is TERRIBLE. It’s never been awesome, but ever since pregnancy and motherhood… Oh my goodness. I mean, there’s the usual walking into a room and forgetting why I went there, but lately, Devin has actually been reminding me of what I was going to do, because I often give him a verbal list of the things we’re about to do – he remembers everything, in order, but I’m lost after the first thing. He reminds me that I need to use the bathroom. Yep.
    I leave cash in ATMs and such. I sometimes forget to brush my hair in the morning. I find things in odd places around the house because I’ve picked them up to put them away, then became distracted and left them. I forget something that Jene tells me not one minute after hearing it. But, believe it or not, I have only once locked my keys in the car – and that was before I was pregnant.
  • My long-term memory is quite good (when something can actually make it past the short-term memory).
  • I can’t go to sleep until I’ve done a full rotation. Back, right side, stomach, left side. Lately the most comfy position has been on my side with my back arched, because my spine is out of alignment and my muscles are basically just knots now.
  • I have never liked confectionery. Chocolate, yes, but I prefer it to be dark. (White chocolate – I don’t know what the hell that is.) Jelly lollies, jelly beans, musk stick, candy canes, lollipops, milk bottles, bananas – no. Don’t even talk to me about them. They’re all gross.


  • Also not a big fan of fruit.
  • I’m not a Christmas-y person. I know it’s not very endearing or original, but I’m genuinely not terribly excited by it. I’ll admit, some of my resistance stems from the fact that the season seems to begin earlier each year, and that CHRISTMAS!! is pushed on us from the beginning of November. I’m also becoming more and more uncomfortable with the mass consumption that comes with it – food, gifts, decorations… I try to give well-thought, useful gifts. I like giving gifts, a lot, but I like giving gifts more when it’s not a special occasion.
  • I can’t see or hear anything that even remotely reminds me of Daria without hearing the theme song playing in my head.
    La la la la la.
  • I’m not into jewellery, and I am completely miffed when women squeal over expensive rings. I don’t get it.
  • I like doing laundry. I mean, it’s not just a chore that I don’t mind doing – I actually like doing it. I find it so satisfying that I… may or may not take photos of the clothesline..

Oh my god, there’s something wrong with me.

  • I had my ears pierced when I was 8, and I stopped wearing earrings by the time I was 10. I haven’t had any piercings since then, nor tattoos. I occasionally consider both, but I think I’m just too indecisive and fickle about my interests to ever settle on anything.
  • I love the word ‘lovely’.
  • I’ve been giving whole blood since I turned 16 (with a long break during pregnancy and Devin’s first year). I really enjoy it, and I wish I could do it more often than every 12 weeks. I’m prone to having low iron levels and have to time my donations just right – if my haemoglobin is too low when I try to give blood, I have to wait six months before trying again, and I don’t want to wait that long. Luckily that’s only happened once, although I do usually have to have an intravenous haemoglobin test after the standard finger prick test, because the first result is often too low. I’d like to start donating plasma, but that takes much longer than whole blood.
  • Very tall buildings freak me out. Australia is a big country, we don’t really need to build up, and the tallest building I’ve been in is the Q1 tower on the Gold Coast – it’s 81 stories, but the observation deck is on level 77. I’m not terribly afraid of heights and it was novel being up that high, but I am just really creeped out by the massive skyscrapers that are being built lately. I can barely look at pictures of them. I can’t really explain it.
  • I had a Pinterest account a long time ago, and then I deleted it because I never used it. And now I wish I hadn’t done that.
  • I deliberately live in my own world because the reality of life on this planet makes my heart ache; a literal heavy and hollow feeling in my chest.
  • That was a bit of a sad note to end on.
  • Um.
  • I like mustard, and I’m a Pisces, and rain is my favourite weather.

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