A not-so-triumphant return.

I’m still here, we’re still here… If you happen to follow this blog, I do apologise for the hiatus. I know it must have been hard to get by without my enthralling updates and witty commentary.

I packed my computer away two weeks ago, for a range of reasons. I have been slightly more productive without it, in whatever way a stay-at-home mother of one with no real hobbies can be productive. I did learn how to use my sewing machine and have almost finished my first ‘big’ project, so there’s something.

The past week has actually been kind of… terrible. Devin presented with a mouth full of ulcers last Saturday, and you can imagine how fun that’s been for everyone. His behaviour around me has regressed to an almost unbearable level – I cannot do anything with him without being screamed at. Even more excitingly, I started feeling symptoms of the same illness on Wednesday, and now I’m relying on ibuprofen and codeine to get through the day. The catch-22 is, I can’t bear eating without the painkillers, and I can’t take the painkillers without first eating. Devin is getting much better in terms of health, but his behaviour hasn’t received that memo…

Right now I’m quite agitated by the neighbours’ loud music that’s been going for four hours. Something I have trouble conveying to people is exactly how disturbed I am by stimulii – I’ve often heard, “You’re just too sensitive” and, “You need to block it out”, which makes me want to laugh and cry in frustration. I am too sensitive, and I can’t just block it out. I would love to be able to just ignore it, but even simple things can become overwhelming. The sound of the TV plus a conversation is too much. The sound of someone’s insistent, loud, bassy music is… invasive, to say the least.

Well, it wasn’t a very happy post, but it’s the state of things at the moment.



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