Tales of a two-year-old.

If there is an unknown substance on something, Devin will almost invariably pronounce it to be poo.
“What’s that?”
“I don’t know, Devy, maybe a bit of fluff-”

He was recently playing hairdresser with my hair, using a rotary play-dough cutter, a grabbing claw and a Duplo block. The rotary tool was, as it always is, a circular saw. I’m not sure what the claw was. The block was electric clippers, I think. Then I had to do the same to him, and he made sure to tell me if I wasn’t doing it right. It’s becoming more evident recently that he’s well on his way to being a three-year-old child, not a two-year-old toddler.

If he’s really enjoying some food, he likes to tell us that it’s his favourite. Soup, noodles, pasta, apricots, chocolate and corn are all his ‘fave-rit’ so far.

He says ‘sorry’ a lot. A lot. Mostly for some very minor thing that hardly warrants an apology. Most often, he repeats, “Sah-ee ’bout”, which is ‘sorry about that’. I’m not sure why he dropped the ‘that’.

We were playing a popular game that I have just now named ‘Mummy-Devy’, and it works in much the same way as Marco Polo, except that in this instance (and many others) we were right in front of each other. When I switched around and pointed to him and said, “Mummy”, pointed to myself and said, “Devy”, he shook his head and laughed, then gave me a huge hug and said, “I lub you!”
Now, my shameful admission is that I don’t say that very often. To anyone. Jene says it to Devin more than I do, but I was still extremely surprised to hear Devin say it. I was speechless for a few seconds before finally saying, “Oh, Devy, I love you, too!”

He refers to himself as either “debbin”, “deh-win” or “deh-wee”. It is insanely cute.

Like many boys, he likes to do silly things on purpose and then say, “funny!” to get attention. We do tell him that he’s a ‘funny boy’, so I’ll take responsibility for that. Today, though, he was running at a park and fell over in a very awkward and amusing way – when Jene and I got past that split second of making sure it was a harmless fall, we both burst out laughing. Devin looked at us from the ground and said, “not funny.” That, of course, made us laugh harder, so he repeated it. It was especially amusing because neither of us could recall a time when we told him that something was “not funny” – he’d put the words together himself. Which might not sound super amazing, but it is – he’s moving from a wholly repeated vocabulary into one that he can mould to his needs.

Everything is “stuff”. If there’s a bunch of something, Devin refers to it as “stuff”. He brought Jene into his room one day after I’d been playing with him, pointed to the assortment of cars, animals and Mario plush toys on the ground, and said, “stuff!” If a room is untidy, he looks around and says “oh, stuff”, accompanied by a little ‘tsk’.

We specifically give hugs and kisses when he goes to bed and when he wakes up… Usually we have to ask for ours, but sometimes he’ll decide to bestow them on us unasked. He often does it when I’m getting him changed, which I think is partly a delaying technique. “Hug?” is followed by a fierce and long squeeze, and “tiss?” is followed by a very well-aimed peck on the cheek.

Pretending to talk on the phone –
“Hello, is this Devin?”
“Ummm, yes!”
“Oh, hello. What are you doing?”
*pause* “Talking.”

And finally,
We pulled up at some traffic lights next to a truck that was transporting sheep, and unfortunately our (manual) windows were wound down. I told Devin it was about to get stinky…
“Pee-yew! Stinky! Need to change it!”
“Need to change… their nappies?”
“Yes! New one on!”
“Yes, that’s a good idea, Devin. The sheep should be wearing nappies.”
Now every time he sees a livestock truck, he exclaims something like, “new nappy!” or “change it!”


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