Things I like –

This face.

This face and that jacket.

Those eyes, that can’t decide what colour they want to be so they’re everything at once.

This headband (on both me and Devin).

These glasses.

Time on the lawn.

This watch.

This book because…

… it looks like this inside. Also because it cost less than $1.

Being able to live in a house that has a backyard like this.

This flower.

Being alone together at playgrounds.

$0.50 op shop pillowcase. (I’m, perhaps over-confidently, hoping to make it a t-shirt.)

$2.50 H&M baby girl top, also from op shop. (Noteworthy because there are no H&M stores in Australia.) (Shush, I might have a baby girl one day.)

$2.50 op shop Pyrex bowl. I also saw an incredible vintage vanity (with mirror intact) for $40, and a vintage sideboard/display cabinet for $20. If I had a trailer and a spare $60 on me at the time… *sigh*

This picture. Taz is almost 16 years old and she’s really showing it. We don’t have a whole lot of time left with her…

Clouds that look like this.

And this.


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