Have you met my son, Devin Ja-IbisIbis?

Devin’s favourite thing to do on the chalkboard is to smack the duster against it so that it leaves chalky prints. That usually means he’s asking us to draw something just so he can rub it out and accumulate some dust on his makeshift stamp.
Today, I wrote his full name and told him what it was. He repeated it perfectly, and I was impressed. Then, when I was distracted by Jene telling me about a name he’d been thinking of (no – no baby on the way; we just like to tell each other about names that catch our attention), Devin erased what I’d written.
I asked Devin again what his full name is.
“Ibis!” he responded.
“Um,” I laughed. “No. Not ibis. Your whole name is Devin Ja-”
“Ibis! Ibis!”

Eventually I figured he had heard the name Jene had said – Ihsahn – and interpreted it his own way.

The really great thing is that later, as I passed Jene and Devin eating their dinner together, I heard them still talking about ibis. The Australian White Ibis hang around parks, always looking for food scraps, and we’re always joking about how the plural should be ‘ibii’ (eye-bye). Devin was saying something about there being ibis outside, and Jene was trying to tell him that no, there weren’t.

Two-and-a-half is pretty hysterical. In the best and worst ways.


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