April ambles

The camera captured precarious pictures from my bike.

Devin squeezed into the WeeRide. He actually has to be wearing certain shoes, otherwise his feet don’t fit.

Devin was The Kinder Gym Loner, as usual.

My dad cut down a bunch of gum trees around the property over the Easter long weekend. Their limbs were becoming hazardous. The cherry picker was at the house for four days, and poor Devin missed it when it was returned. (That’s him with Poppy.)

Snowflakes were found on gum leaves.

When actual cutting began, Devin raced inside to get his saw, too.

Real rabbits named Mikey were cared for.

Devin and I kept busy by being ridiculously orange-haired together.

Chocolate rabbits were hidden and found and callously consumed.

Trees reached up…

… And then didn’t.
The weekend of tree felling has had a bit of an impact on Devin. He was walking around with an axe recently (still in its packaging with the guard on the blade) pretending to chop down trees (and potted plants, and rocks), saying “axe, axe, axe” with each chop.
I asked him what he was doing, half-expecting him to say “axing trees”, but no, he said he was “chopping down trees”.
He’s also been spotted trying to push trees down.
Oh dear.

Dirt was thrown.

Pants were made, worn, and let down and re-hemmed soon after. (His jumper was knitted for me by my mum’s mum, who sadly died when I was five, one month before my youngest sister was born.)

More pants were made. More hems were let down. (These were the first two pairs of pants I’ve ever made – my measuring skillz aren’t great.)

We became suddenly surrounded by hungry ducks on an innocent outing to the Japanese gardens. There were more out of frame. I had to stand up, so uncomfortable was I with their proximity. (Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of birds? I am.)

Devin ate apples in his usual manner.

Devin was also cheeky in his usual manner.

The lack of Daylight Saving was gloriously embraced.

More than once.

The weather finally and suddenly took a cool turn, and I didn’t acclimatise well. (That’s a beanie under a hood.) (Coming up in May – window cleaning, apparently!)

Devin packed for the change. (He pulled that suitcase from his room, through the house, out the front door, down the veranda steps and onto the lawn so he could pretend to be a garbage truck crushing rubbish.)

The bull was grabbed by the horns, in the completely literal sense and not at all in the metaphorical, getting-things-done sense; Devin’s hair still has not been cut.

… Self-explanatory.

“You get a book, I wead in the chair.”
*thirty seconds pass*
“Now you wead in the chair.”


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