Dev quotes, part 1

I walked into Devin’s room to get him up from his nap and was greeted with –
“There was a booger!”
“Oh, was there?”
“Yes, a HUGE booger!” *arms out wide*
“Can you breathe better now?”
*sniffs* “Yes, I can!”
One minute later, as I was trying to get him dressed –
“I just show you Spider-Man’s bottom… Look, there’s Spider-Man’s bottom!”
“Oh, yes, so it is.”
“It’s a funny bottom.”

Liss: “Are you still going with your breakfast?”
Dev: “No, not breakfast.”
Liss: “What is it, then?”
Dev: “A bagel.”

“Oops, sorry, bagel!”

Watching an off-road truck video…
Dev: “What’s that?”
Liss: “It’s going over a big ditch.”
Dev: “Ah… Another big bitch.”

While making ANZAC biscuits, after I told him that we would have to bake the mixture in the oven –
“No, not make biscuits any more. Just eat all the rest of it like that.”

“My doodness! Yook at all this stuff!”

Me to Devin: “No, you can’t wear toast, you have to wear shoes.”

Erinn: “Devy, you’re crazy.”
Devin: “Yes, I am.”
My mum: “No, Aunty Erinn is crazy.”
Erinn: “No, I’m not.”
Devin: “Yes, you are.”
Erinn: “No, I’m not.”
Devin: “Yes, you are.”
Upon hearing this story –
Liss: “Who is crazy, Devin?”
Devin: “That’s Aunty Erinn!”

Liss: “Devin, why are all these oranges in the front yard?”
Dev: “For the magpies to eat.”
Liss: “Oh.”

Devin asked what his ribs were, so I explained that they were bones that protect his lungs and heart. I said his lungs help him breathe, and his heart pumps blood around his body, then put his hand over his chest and asked if he could feel it thumping.
After a few moments he said, “Yes, I can!” And then, “Maybe there’s a baby in my heart.”

While in the car –
Dev: “What’s this song talled?”
Jene: “It’s called A Virtual Lovestory.”
Dev: “Huh?”
Jene: “A Virtual Lovestory.”
Dev: “What you say?”
Liss: “It’s called Devin is Cool.”
Dev: “Devin is Tool.”
Liss: “Yep.”
Dev: “Ohhh. Devin is Toooool.”

Seeing me in a new jacket –
“Oooh, that’s a pitty new jacket!”

Dev: “I’m writing a list. For dinner.”
Liss: “You’re writing a shopping list?”
Dev: “Yes. Lunch… dinner… lunch, dinner for baby… How much for baby?”
Liss: “Um, well, babies don’t eat much, so not much.”

After putting my thongs/flip flops on his feet –
“I”m a doctor!”


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