Dev quotes, part 2

Devin likes to have a turn at my make-up when he sees it, so I put a tiny bit of powder on a brush for him to use on his cheeks. One day he examined the brush and decided he didn’t want it any more, so I told him to brush it on my cheeks.
“There. Nice and dorgeous,” he declared when he was done.
I didn’t know he even knew that word.

Dev: “Yook, a planet! A planet!”
Liss: “Oh, a planet.”
Dev: “Venus, it’s Venus! Venus! Venus!”
Liss: “Yes, Venus.”
Dev: “Venus coming, too. Him coming home with us.” (Because we were in the car and Venus was ‘following’ us.)
This was his reaction every time, as if each evening he was just astounded that Venus was there. Again.

“I take a picture of your… butt.”

Walking home from feeding our neighbours’ dogs, Devin told me out of the blue,
“Your name is Dewey.”
“Dewey? Um. Ok,” I said. (No idea where ‘Dewey’ came from.)
“You name sister.”
“Yes. There’s a baby in your belly?” He gave my tummy a pat.
“Uh, no Devy, there isn’t.”
“Yes! There IS a baby in your belly!”

Matter-of-factly – “You’re not a dog, you’re Daddy.”

As I wasย  rubbing cream on his cheeks –
“What’s that?”
“It’s stuff for your dry skin, to make it soft.”
“Oh, yuck.”

After reading Tree Ring Circus –
Devin: “I read a book. Where the beginning?”
Flick, flick. There it is.
Devin: “Hmm… I tan’t sure what it is.”
Liss: “It says, ‘One seed in the ground, three miles out of town.'”
Devin: “Ohhh, that what you mean.”
Devin: “This is difficult.”

Having told me earlier that he loves doing hard work –
Dev: “Bye.”
Liss: “Bye. Are you off to do more hard work?”
Dev: “Yes. Because I’m a man.”
Liss: “Hm.”
Dev: *hops on tricycle* “I’m going to ride on my big bike.”
Again, I don’t know where this ‘because I’m a man’ business has come from.

Devin: “You be a fire engine.”
Liss: “Ok.”
Devin walks away.
Liss: “Hang on, what are you going to be?”
Devin: “I be a person sitting here watching.”

“No, I have not two legs!” (In response to me asking if he would walk.)

Devin: “Delicious.”
Liss: “Your banana is delicious?”
Devin: “Yes. Everybody knows it.”
Liss: “Devin, you can’t open your door from the inside because the child lock is on. That’s because little boys and girls sometimes like to open their doors when their mummies and daddies are driving.”
Devin: “Everybody knows it. ”

Dev: “What’s his name?”
Liss: “Well, it’s a Triceratops…”
Dev: “His name is Mummy.”

Watching me clean the rice cooker –
Dev: “Why you cleaning it?”
Liss: “Well, Devin, you tell me, why do we clean things?”
Dev: “Uhhh…. *silence*… I have two thumbs.”

And various other common phrases –
“But um…”
“That’s mines!”
“So what’s your plan?”
“Diggy hup.” (Giddy-up)
“Wallace and Gumpit/Dumpit.” (Wallace and Gromit)
“I stay here my own self.”
An “ayg” is an egg, a “borsch” is a brush, but a “paint brusher” is a paintbrush. Milk is “malk”, DVD is “deebee deebee”, and ant is “aunt” because he pronounces plant the same way as Jene (plahnt).
And “wocka-ded” is his own made-up word that he uses when he’s being silly.

Not that he would know anything about that…


4 thoughts on “Dev quotes, part 2

  1. Your son is just freakin’ adorable!! I love that I found this. You obviously are a wonderful mother. Look at all the pics of him…and you have taught him a lot. He is so smart. You make me ache to hold my little unborn boy. Hurry up and come on out already!

    Anyway, I meant to say that I really think this blog is great because you will have the perfect record of all the cute things he does and his development. I am doing something similar, which is one reason I started my own blog. My mom kept track of all this type of stuff instead of using a baby book. I go back and read it sometimes and feel close to her and I’m so appreciative that she did that.

    1. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ What an exciting time for you, waiting for your own little boy… I started a handwritten journal when I was pregnant, I found there were so many little things to document even at that early stage! And now that he’s nearly 3, oh man… I had no idea kids could be this hilarious – and when it’s coming from your own child, it’s even better! I think keeping a record is such a great thing to do, for the parent and the child. Your son is sure to appreciate it, just as you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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