Somewhere you sat.


4 thoughts on “Somewhere you sat.

    1. They’re great – the hanging part is the only downside! We live with my parents and my dad built the house, so he’s quite the handy man… He also works at a camping store, which is where the chair came from. It’s a bit of a luxury to have easy access to things like this.

      1. My problem is I have no overhanging…anything really. I have a tree in the backyard that might work…and then again just the idea of sitting in one right now freaks me out because I’m 8 mo pregnant so feel huge. LOL.

      2. A tree would be so nice… The deck is handy because for all the trees on the property, none have branches that are right for hanging things from! I can understand being hesitant to sit in one with a big pregnant belly, not to mention, those seats can be tricky to get out of at the best of times. 😛 But it would be lovely for swaying in with baby in a month or so. 🙂

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