Trucks, trucks, fire.

There was a lot happening on Devin’s birthday weekend, and on the Sunday we went to a vintage truck and tractor show. We paid money to see a vintage truck and tractor show. Children can make you do crazy things.

The forecast was for quite warm weather, and as such we were unprepared for the freezing morning wind, so we didn’t stay too long.

There were some nice things there, including some early 20th century cars, but even I found it a little frustrating that we weren’t allowed to touch them (though I understand why). We actually passed a lot of the vehicles travelling when we were driving in the opposite direction to Orange.

This was my favourite. That’s a pretty nice truck, you have to admit – despite the framing of the picture. (With so many people milling about and Devin always moving I had to act quickly.)

This was rigged so that the siren wailed and the car(?) rocked when the accelerator was pressed. The man at the fire brigade stall was very nice, and I actually recognised them from a week earlier when there was a fire in the gully near our house…

After that (illegally) deliberately lit fire, controlled burning was done even further along. It is something that needs to happen far more often – the overgrowth is a fire hazard and a haven for snakes – but hot damn, does it stink around there now.


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