Dev bits

I recently decided to try my hand at geocaching, and since there was a cache hidden not far from our house, I quickly drove to find it during Devin’s nap one day (while Jene was at home).
I did find it, but, oops, I also locked my keys in the car and had to walk home. When Devin woke up I gave him some mixed nuts and told him we were going for a walk to get the car. He took it to mean I’d lost the car and we were going to find it, and when we drive past the place he still points out that that’s where we ‘found’ the car.

Despite a sudden and inexplicable fear of playgrounds, Devin seems to have no fears at all when it comes to climbing on the many piles of wood in the yard… The first time he did it, he told me, “I’m climbing because I’m an elf.” Then he continued to repeat, “I’m an elf, I’m an elf, I’m an elf” as he clambered about. Where did that come from? I have no idea. I can only assume the knowledge gained during my intense obsession with Lord of the Rings was assimilated into my genes and passed on to Devin.

We got new neighbours earlier this year – a family with three young boys. Sometimes they talk and play with Devin through the fence, but usually only briefly because we have to go or they have to go (though we did pass him over to have a proper play recently).
Devin likes to push this paint roller around, and on that day after he’d come to check in with me during his solo playing, he told me, “I just go back over and wait for the boys. My roller will make them happy.”
They weren’t home, but he waited there for a good ten minutes. It absolutely melted my heart.

This is what he did when I asked him to smile. So, there’s that…

One of Jene’s gift choices for Devin’s birthday was a Stomp Rocket Junior, and what a good decision it was. Such a simple concept and lots of fun.

For all of us.

And yes, since you asked, I do have video of Devin using it…


2 thoughts on “Dev bits

    1. I haven’t found any since that first one, I need a better GPS! Or better eyes. šŸ˜›
      It seems like a great thing to do with kids when they’re a little older and more patient…

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