August ends

I think I mentioned here that I recently made a rash decision to order an iPhone on a plan. It was a Big Deal, because I’ve never been inclined towards fancy phones, and I’ve been on the same prepaid number since 2005. (I was a little sad to let go of the phone number…)
Since I’ve had it, Devin likes to ask if he can “play with you, Mummy?” – but he doesn’t mean play with me, he means play with my phone. He only gets limited time on it, but his favourite games are the ones by Toca Boca.

This was Devin ‘reading’ Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist. The cover features a man riding a horse, so Devin’s interpretation of the story was, “One morning, a horse came to get him…”
All of his stories begin with ‘one morning.’
(Ithoroughly enjoyed both Magician and Silverthorn, and I’m about to start A Darkness At Sethanon. I found myself close to tears in parts because I was just so happy – it was such a nice change from the cold, sweaty feeling I constantly had while reading A Game of Thrones.)

August saw some very cold mornings, and for a few days in a row we’d go outside to pull out the ice from Devin’s pool and then stomp on the huge shards. It was like glass.

This is a novelty to an Australian, ok?

But perhaps not to this poor fellow.

Back to the burnt gully. We’ve had some really windy days…

… but they have been beautiful.

Who did he buy the rocket for?

Devin’s favourite thing to do, ever, is dig. Just to dig. Anywhere, with anything. There are all these little holes everywhere around the property…

He also likes saying ‘magic’. There are a couple of sparkly hats around, and they are ‘magic hats!’
Jene told me he was bugging Devin in some (non-magic-related) way, and Devin, becoming increasingly frustrated, said, “Stop it… Stop it!… You’re not magic!”

Generally we three are not perturbed by cold (though I’m not a walking furnace like Jene and Devin are), and we go out in all kinds of weather, but this day was especially bitter and windy and I wasn’t in the greatest mood…

… And that’s how I felt about that.

And finally. Grandma and Poppy’s birthday present to Devin was this bike, so I set to work teaching him how to pedal, and actually, it only took him a couple of sessions to get it. He is very (very) much like me in that he is stubborn and easily frustrated when learning, so I can have trouble teaching him new things.
There were plenty of exasperated sighs and grunts and “I tan’t DO IT!!”s, but he did do it, and we were very proud.
And yep, he has fallen off, and crashed into the wall… I helped him up, dusted him off and (after making sure he was ok) explained that that sometimes happens when we’re learning something new, and he’d get better with practice. He got back on both times.


2 thoughts on “August ends

  1. Hi. I’m a new mom and stumbled across your blog. Really enjoying it. Have plans to start my own soon but somehow that never seems to happen. Can I ask what kind of camera you use?


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I know how it is with blogs, it can be so hard to actually do it. (As evidenced by the fact that I haven’t updated in months. Eeep.)
      My camera (apart from the iPhone) is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35… that model is almost four years old now, but it’s always served me well. (Well, until Devin broke the on/off switch.) The only thing that bothers me about it is that it doesn’t handle low-light very well. The first photo in this post was taken in quite dim light and you can see it’s a little grainy, even after some editing. Otherwise, it’s all thumbs up from me, and I’d go for a Lumix again.

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