A few weeks ago Devin came with me and my mum to Kites For Kids Day, an annual event held by Early Childhood Intervention Australia. For $2, we were given a kite, string, tail streamers, and stickers, and set loose on the fields. Overall, Devin was more interested in the food we brought than flying the kite, but I had a great time – my general impression was that most of the parents there were having as much, if not more, fun than the kids. It seems to be kind of a lost pleasure.
We’ve since taken the kite out a few more times on our own, and it’s standing up remarkably well (though it did get a bit battered during our last outing on an especially gusty day). Devin’s not fixated on it or anything, but he likes holding the string and running with it. My recommendation is still that every household should have a kite.
Oh, the black and white photo is by Devin. He’d changed the setting himself. I was impressed when I found it.


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