I’ve been jogging and doing yoga sessions regularly for two months now. That doesn’t sound very impressive, but it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with an exercise routine. I use Podrunner Intervals and RunKeeper for jogging, and Simply Yoga for a long stretch afterwards (or a longer routine for rainy/hot days when I can’t jog). I also occasionally use Daily Cardio, but… well, I suck at that one.

So two months isn’t a long time, but I have learned some things…
1. I cannot go for a jog in the middle of the day in 30-degree-C heat. I just can’t. Others might be able to, but my body is terrible at temperature regulation. I’ve fainted once before from heat exhaustion, years ago, and it’s not something I want to relive on a sparsely-trafficked residential road. (This was after the jog that finally made me learn my lesson – usually I would be outside doing a yoga session, but I couldn’t even manage that.)

2. I often have to repeat to myself, “You don’t need to stop, you want to stop – keep going.” At the beginning I would slow to a walk when it started hurting; now I only walk when my legs or lungs can’t keep up the pace.
3. Running on bitumen is so much easier than running on uneven, overgrown dirt paths. Seems obvious, but it took me a few weeks to figure out…
4. Who cares what people driving past you think? I had been a little self-conscious of my bright red face and my jiggly butt, but I’m really too focused on what I’m doing to care now. Besides, when I drive past someone jogging, all I’m thinking is, “Man, I should be doing that…”
5. If I can do it without wishing it were over, it’s time to level up.
6. Friendship-bracelet your headphones to stop them getting tangled.

7. Flies will drive me to insanity one day. So will flyaway hairs, which leads me to-
8. I need a freaking headband.
9. If I’m not progressing, I need to slow down.
10. It’s probably a good idea to have at least a couple of differently-cut tops, lest you end up with an awkward tan line before summer has even begun…

11. Do not yoga on that ant highway on the lawn. Wait, did you hear me? Do not… oh, you’re doing it again! Stop that! I know it’s shady, but honestly. Oh look at that, you’re doing it yet again. Pick a different spot!

As for the results of this new routine… Well, I am fitter and more flexible than when I began, which is something.


2 thoughts on “Yogging

    1. I almost attributed that to Pinterest, but actually, that idea was thanks to tumblr! What would I do without the Internet…

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