Devin is not and has never been very interested in arts and crafts, despite my continuing efforts. If he spends five minutes painting or drawing, I consider it a success. So when I say that he played with these for half an hour, you can understand my awe…

Micador Glass & Tub Silky Twistaz, will you marry me? I think I can even look past the silly spelling in your name…
Unsurprisingly, these let you draw on glass and porcelain surfaces. They are so smooooth to draw with, and it all wipes off easily with a wet cloth when you’re done. Awesome? Yes.
I dare say the main appeal of them for Devin is that he is allowed to draw on something that isn’t paper… We’ve only used them on windows so far, but I think he would also enjoy them on a mirror and in the bath. (I would!)

But the best part? He drew his first ever recognisable person with them. Check out that hair! Nice.
At $10 for a packet of five, they’d be a great ‘stocking stuffer’. I found them at our Big W, and they’re available from various online stores, too.

(I certainly wasn’t paid by anyone for this post, I just really like these markers.)


4 thoughts on “Recommended

  1. Hi Liss – We’re feeling quite chuffed over here – after all, it’s not every day you get proposed to!! 🙂

    It’s awesome to see Devin having fun and channeling his inner artist (…who doesn’t have more fun drawing on windows anyway?).

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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