Out with the old… gradually…

I know it’s pretty much Thanksgiving in America now (and isn’t Black Friday incredibly ironic), and everyone is being all grateful, but I’m opening with three complaints. Yep, I’m doing it.
My legs are achy and crampy; I can’t stop being addicted to sugar, despite multiple attempts to quit it; and I’m starting to get really cranky at the world because no one ever calls me back for jobs I’ve applied for.
Phew. Ok, done.

Today Devin and I went to Bunnings just to wander around for a while. (Hey, Bunnings, I’d work for you.) He likes standing on the springy trolleys (despite the warning signs – yeah, we’re basically rebels) and I like… everything. But I especially like it now, walking around and saying, “oh, that might be useful at our new house, Devy. Maybe we can get one of those when we move into our new house. Let’s have composting and worms at our new house.” I got a kick out of that.

This picture was taken over a year ago, but is still relevant. Even down to the t-shirt.

I’m really realising now how different Jene and I can be in terms of keeping things. I used to be very ‘keep ALL the things!’, but having lived the way we have for the past two years, I’m seeing how much of my stuff sits unused. When I was going through a stack of magazines (some of which were almost five years old), ripping pages out for Devin to use in future craft projects, Jene asked why I didn’t just keep them.
“Because they’re just taking up space and I never look at them?”
“But you might one day. I would have kept them.”
The difference is also evident in our digital music libraries. If I don’t like a song, I delete it. Even if it means having an incomplete album. Jene keeps everything, he just doesn’t select the songs he dislikes.
What’s that, you say? Cause for future disagreements, you think? Hoho!
… Yeah.

I really will not miss views like this –

And I really hope we pick the right colours…

The tilt of this photo is the same degree as the tilt of my head because of my spine. Evidently, I sometimes forget to adjust. 


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