Hot hot heat



This has been our past week. Wednesday was the coolest day we’ve had this month. Saturday was the hottest day on record. (45 Celsius is 113 Fahrenheit.)

I don’t really have much else to write. We’ll be painting and moving into our new house in a few days, but I don’t really want to think about that at the moment. Walking outside today is like stepping into an oven – the wind is unbelievably hot. The general heat is suffocating. I’m sweating just sitting inside in the air conditioning. Much of the country is on fire, figuratively and literally. It’s just… not nice. I cannot imagine how firefighters cope when they’re putting out bush fires in this heat, but I’m very thankful for them.
A ‘cool’ change is coming, which means we’ll have a couple of 32 degree days before the temperature climbs again.

What else? Um. I’ll update again when my brain isn’t melting out of my ears.



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