Welcome home, part 1

I really have never felt so behind in a year. It’s already almost half over and I’m still stuck back in January. But, it’s time for catching up, so I will start where I left my brain – in the sweltering hot summer when we started sprucing up our new house, beginning with the before and during.

IMG_3280Main bedroom

IMG_3286Lounge looking into dining

IMG_3278Third bedroom/Devin’s room

IMG_3323Second bedroom/study



IMG_3283Dining looking into lounge


IMG_3422The tool centre

IMG_3332Scummy kitchen roof

IMG_3337Paint flaking off all over the place


IMG_3338Terrible spackle repairs to be undone

IMG_3352Scraping paint off the lounge room ceiling – it was over 40 degrees Celsius and the ceilings are high.



IMG_3372The aftermath of sanding the ceiling…

IMG_3391… And the after-aftermath. It took a few shampoos before my hair stopped sticking out on its own.

IMG_3360A casualty.

IMG_3384We had lots of help, including from my sisters.

IMG_3411The best centrepiece for a living room.

IMG_3415Erinn and Dad (Mum not pictured) painting Dev’s room while I stood back and took pictures…


…Because I was doing my best to clean the place. The state the previous owners left it in was ridiculous, and had it been a rental, it would not be acceptable. It seemed to burn more because of the fact that they’d had more than ten weeks to clean and move.

IMG_3490Luckily, I had trusty old Gumption on my side.

IMG_3440Just some of the delightful magazines that were left in the 240 litre  recycling bin. It was so full of them, in fact, that we could barely move it and had to half empty it before we could put it out for collection.

IMG_3487A new verandah roof was put on the back courtesy of Erinn’s boyfriend, Sam.

IMG_3509And, finally, we moved in. And I was so exhausted that the house looked pretty much like this for a few weeks.

How does it look now? Oh, the suspense!


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