An important message from Devin


Yes, the t-shirt doesn’t lie. Little Person #2 is estimated to arrive on the 15th of December.
That makes me 11 weeks now, and it might seem unusual to be telling everyone already. Actually, the bun was out of the oven (?) when I was only 5 weeks pregnant – I needed to tell Dad during that awful week at the ICU, to give him more motivation to fight (and damn, he was doing a good job), or so he would know before he left us.
The shirt was intended for my parents, but life happens, doesn’t it. Now it gets its debut here.


Devin is enjoying the fruits of my cravings, like cake-in-a-mug. The sweet tooth that was kicked into high-gear by my first pregnancy has finally been quashed by this one – I mostly want salt and protein (which is funny because apparently sugar cravings are caused by a lack of protein?) – but I do still have sudden urges to eat something chocolatey. I am still me.


I have a pretty constant craving for eggs with runny yolks, but they’re verboten, much to my despair. This day, what I actually wanted was runny eggs on rice with oyster sauce, but had to make-do with hard eggs on toast with spinach and oyster sauce. I’m pretty sure I was still hungry after I ate it. My appetite is out of control.


And so is my stomach. This was 8 weeks. Let’s not get excited – it is technically caused by baby, but it’s not baby. It’s bloat, and it’s juuuust wonderful. I was over 20 weeks pregnant with Devin before my belly started poking out in any way, and I wore my usual clothes for the full 39 weeks he was in there. This time, I’ve had to scramble to buy actual maternity wear because of my overexcited tum…


… See?

beary warm

I managed to nab this coat from asos for more than 70% off, and what’s more, it’s a maternity coat. No cold belly for me.
Both Devin and Jene, separately, said it looks like a bear when they first saw it. That’s ok by me. It makes me beary warm.


Something poor Dev has heard me say a lot is, “I’m sorry Devy, I just feel too sick.” He lifts my shirt up and rubs my tummy to make me feel better.

I was nauseous for 10 weeks with Devin, starting exactly at 6 weeks. When I started feeling green at 6 weeks this time, I started bracing myself for a repeat while being secretly scared of how we’d get through following weeks. I slept a lot the first time, and didn’t do much else. I didn’t eat much apart from cheeseburgers, and I lost weight.
I’m hesitantly going to say that it seems to have passed already. I had a few bad weeks, but I wore sea sick acupressure bands for a little while (starting the day of Dad’s funeral) and they seemed to help. I’ve also been eating a whole lot more than I did with Devin, because the sickness caused by an empty stomach outweighed that caused by eating.
Though I was sick for a long time while pregnant with Devin, that was practically my only discomfort. This time, I seem to be experiencing every other symptom that is common in the first trimester… Let’s just not even go there.


I cannot get enough of this kind of stuff. The ways that a body has to change in order to grow a person are just incredible. It also serves to make me feel better about sometimes feeling kind of miserable.

IMG_4876 copy

I might have to think of a new name for this blog, now.


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