I feel like I don’t recognise enough what a beautiful boy Devin is.
In the monotony, stress, and exhaustion of everyday life he often gets the short end of my patience. I’m too tired or busy to play his pretend games, too distracted to hear his stories, too rushed to stop and explain things properly.
I’m proud of him. Really proud. Not just because of all that he’s been through, but because he’s a great kid. I mean, there are the normal 5-year-old things – I often have to ask him many times to do something; he gets possessive when Miriam is around his toys; he’s bossy; he whinges – but he’s caring, he (eventually) does what’s asked of him, he can practice impressive levels of patience, he shares his beloved Boost juices with Miri, he loves being greeted by an excited Remy when we get home…
This year we had to… undo, I guess, a lot of the previous year. He’d become accustomed to getting whatever he wanted, having everyone’s attention, watching DVDs and playing games all day, and then suddenly there was a baby demanding attention, and he was back home, and starting preschool, and preparing for school, and meeting yet more new health carers. And honestly, it’s probably been me doing the most stumbling and fussing throughout it all. Isn’t that so often the way.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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