The Modern Heartbreak


Yesterday I read a starting guide to de-cluttering possessions, and the very first thing it said was to get rid of your pre-upgrade phone, because you won’t use it again. I scoffed, because I was reading said list* on my pre-upgrade phone (left) having annihilated my new phone (right) earlier this year.
I’ve already had the iPhone screen repaired, cracked it again, and have been keeping it together with a phone case and wishes. Today, half of the screen stopped responding to touch. The half that lets me accept phone calls and select the phone number pad. (And of course everything else that appears on that side of the screen.)
I can’t afford to fix either screen, certainly can’t afford a new phone, and am currently typing this on Jene’s pre-upgrade phone. (But get rid of it, you’ll never use it again, right? ūüėŹ) My nano SIM is too small for this one, so I’ll have to get an adaptor as a short-term solution.
And this is¬†what I hate about smartphones. So much effort is put into how they look and feel, but then we have to keep them in big ugly cases just so this doesn’t happen? We’re human; humans drop things! The Sony even DID have a very basic rubber-edged cover (literally the ONLY one I could find in stock anywhere) when that catastrophe happened. I’m incredibly frustrated – with phones, with myself, with¬†this truly First World Problem. Sure, I should’ve had insurance – our budget really is so narrow that the extra cost per month made me baulk. Especially since I’d lasted¬†over three years without breaking anything.


This kind of leads into what I’ve been thinking of posting about for a while but have been uncertain about sharing because… it’s pretty personal. If I can’t currently pay for something like this, why should I be even¬†entertaining¬†the idea of adding a child¬†to complete my collection? The short and uncomplicated answer is, I shouldn’t. Do I have a long and complicated post about it? You betcha!

*The likelihood of me taking it¬†seriously dramatically declined after that first bullet point. Another suggestion was turfing shoes you haven’t worn in the past two months. Because seasons and special events aren’t things, I guess?¬†