I did publicly declare my ill-feelings towards Christmas only recently, but I do like finding interesting things to give. (From the safety of my own home.) Inevitably in my searches, I find plenty of things that I would like, too. So, here’s a list of products that have caught my attention and that may provide some inspiration, given the time of year…

Paint the Pond Jamtown Pack – $42.95 at Dragonfly Toys
Music and art in one? Yes! Devin’s music teacher gave him the frog to play with one day when we arrived early to class, to try to entice him out of his shell. She had a big one and a little one, and they sound fantastic. You stroke the ridges on the back with a stick, and it sounds like a real frog croak.

StickyGram magnets – $15 for a sheet of 9
If you use Instagram, this is a great idea. StickyGram makes your Instagram photos into magnets. Simple! Based in the UK, they offer free shipping worldwide, and I received my order quite quickly. Devin loved them so much that he pulled them off his bed frame during a nap and put them under his pillow.
Last date to order in time for Christmas is the 9th of December.

Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste – $5.85
I have to be honest – I’ve only bought this once, and it has long since run out. (I just don’t like it when shipping is more expensive than what I’m buying…) But, Devin loved it. We tried the strawberry flavour, and there is also banana, blackcurrant, blueberry and raspberry.

Waldo Pancake tin – £6 at Really Good Shop
I am greatly amused by this. If ever there was a tin to represent my sense of humour, this would be it.

A Coloring Book for Big Kids by Phil Lewis – $19.95
This is saved on my wishlist. I am a big kid, and I want it.

Sega Toys Homestar Spa bath planetarium – US$105
A star projector for the bath. It can float upwards or downwards, and has two other domes for different moods. How great would this be for adults and kids? With the $45 shipping fee, though, it is a bit pricey.

Crochet rattle ball – $8.50 at MiracleFromThreads
For babies, cats, crochet-loving adult women who maybe spent a chunk of time browsing baby items on Etsy…
(The answer to the unspoken question is, no. I’ve just got a raging case of cluckiness.)

Rainbow Jelly Lego Men Soaps – $6.50 for 7 at Bubble Lane Soap
It’s a pretty good bet that if you have kids or know people with kids, you probably know someone who loves Lego. Actually, the kids aren’t even necessary. If you know people, you probably know someone who loves Lego.

Ladies Oaxacan Lace Blouse – $75 at Little Tienda
I love Mexican embroidery, but I don’t own anything like it. This Australian shop also has oh-so-nice serapes and girls’ dresses .

All About Me by Philipp Keel – $11.80 at The Book Depository
Basically, a book of questions to answer. “The wide-ranging questions–from short yes/no’s to open-ended ones that probe your psyche–are personal, direct, and addictively fun to answer.” I’d get one each for Jene and I. It could be interesting…

Merry Spending.