Let’s skip any Christmas recaps, shall we? I’ll go straight to this.

This is a Bilibo. We gave one to Devin, along with two mini Bilibos. What do you do with it? Anything you want. That’s why I bought it – the thought of single-purpose, limited-age-range toys make me cringe.
So far it’s been used as a helmet, a step, a jumping platform, a tunnel for trains and cars, a seat, a spinning seat, a pretend mixing bowl and a skate park for a plastic egg. But, despite all that, when I see it convexly like this –

All I can think of is this –

Juggernaut from the X-Men universe.

Yes, it probably looks more like a goofy smiley face, but when Devin pulled it out of the box, the Juggernaut was the first thing I thought of, and now I can’t unthink it.

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