That’s Entertainment

Every night, the three of us watch a movie for the half hour before Devin’s bedtime. It helps to wind him down away from the general activity of the house, and it’s just a nice little routine. Obviously, it takes about three nights to get through one movie, which sounds like it stretches out nicely, but it also equates to finding two appropriate movies every week, and that’s not as easy as it might seem. We (especially Jene) were watching a lot of the same movies over and over before we really settled into the ritual and started planning ahead.

Ponyo – Devin loves it. I adore it. There’s nothing too scary, there are no real ‘bad’ guys, Sôsuke is a relatable and responsible little boy, and Ponyo is cute and cheeky. It’s a really, really good movie for young kids. We also have Kiki’s Delivery Service – it wasn’t a real hit with Devin, but I liked it ok. Howl’s Moving Castle is waiting in the wings – it became one of my comfort movies when I bought it years ago, but Jene and Devin haven’t seen it yet. It may be a tad abstract for Devin yet…

Despicable Me – Perhaps a bit mature for Devin, but he really likes it, and I enjoy it, too. Admittedly, more so the first three times than the latest six…

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – I hadn’t heard a whole lot about this before I bought the DVD, but I ended up really enjoying it. All the food was especially amusing to Devin, and the clever humour was amusing to me. The scariest bit in this is probably giant roast chickens. (On a side note, I had a dream once that I had a pet roast chicken. Like a dog.)

Wall-E – this is one of Jene’s ideal Devin Movies, and I have to agree. Most of the story is told through action, not dialogue, and it seems to be easier for Devin to comprehend than other movies. He loves it.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – a magical car, singing, Dick Van Dyke… What’s not to like? Sometimes Devin randomly bursts into the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song.

Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, Finding Nemo, Cars – Now, Devin likes these well enough. The thing is, when you watch something like Ponyo and then put on, say, Finding Nemo, the overly-loud, bright, shouty, stylised Hollywood-ness of the latter is quite jarring. It’s  noticeably more excitable and sensational, to an almost absurd degree, and isn’t great for evening viewing. In our household, anyway.

Robots, Bolt, The Polar Express, Up and Shrek were also enjoyed by Devin.

There was already a small collection of kids movies on DVD when we moved back here – they were accumulated by my sisters. We’re adding to our own collection more now but, as usual, it’s proving to be somewhat difficult to find the movies we want in this Town City. Internet shopping to the rescue once again.

Next, I’ve got some recommendations for books… We go through four to six a day at nap- and bedtime alone.