November, I hardley knew ye.

I feel that suspenders are a disappointingly overlooked accessory for boys – I couldn’t find them in stores anywhere, I had to buy them online. (Actually, that’s the reason behind practically all of my Internet purchases. So take that, anyone who wants to complain that online shopping is killing local stores – maybe if you actually stocked good things, I wouldn’t have to take my business elsewhere. I can’t buy what you don’t have.)
I’m still annoyed that girls have much better clothing options than boys, but lately I’ve been having fun choosing things for Devin – it just means I have to be a bit more patient, creative and thoughtful when I buy his clothes.

There was a surprise echidna at Storytime recently – the perks of living in a city with a major zoo. I mean, it was there on purpose, it’s not like it wandered out and found its way to the library.

Not only was she terribly cute, but Devin was one of the few kids who actually wanted to touch her – he was up and stroking her before I’d even finished nodding permission, and went back several times. Understandably, I have to admit – the spikes feel a bit like a broom, I guess, but quite smooth. It was kind of relaxing.

It became quite hot for a little while there in November and we could finally use the pool, much to Devin’s delight. It lasted about a week and things have been cool and rainy ever since…

But, with the wet weather comes visits to the Japanese and sensory gardens. One, it’s nice to go out in the rain. Two, most people don’t venture outside in cold and rainy weather, so the gardens are empty.

And three, the sensory gardens still have some flooding issues (although now it’s more ‘puddles’ and less ‘impromptu lakes’), so Devin can splash around with his gumboots.

Devin decided to take to a shrub with a plastic knife.

When I said, “The tree probably doesn’t like that, Devy. Poor tree”, he gave me this face and stopped his ambitious sawing attempts.

This was supposed to be a Christmas tree – a green triangle with paper woven through. When I’d finished weaving the paper for Devin, he blasted it off into space and gleefully declared that it was a “wocket!” It was one of the most awesomely cute things I’ve seen him do, so I quickly added some boosters and wrapping paper flames. It’s on his bedroom door now.


We finished the month with more puddle jumping.

FYI, jumping in pools of dirty water in an uneven driveway is unlikely to result in anything but this –

Not pictured: when he fell over for the second time and cut his hands and arms, effectively ending puddle time.

Yes, my thoughts exactly, Devin.