All I want for Christmas…

Recently, we had a little incident. It involved Devin’s teeth and his metal bed frame. And you’re already wincing, aren’t you?

As a reminder, this is what his teeth looked like before, in all their gappy glory –

And this is their current status –

His two front teeth were pushed upwards, back into the gum. Yes. Ouch, indeed.

A quick visit to the dentist revealed there wasn’t anything to be done – there shouldn’t be any lasting damage, and the teeth should move back down in their own time. It was, to say the very least, a relief. Obviously, I’m leaving out some details from the middle of the story.

And funnily enough, my youngest sister endured the same injury (to a worse extent) at a similar age, in the backyard on her tricycle. I remember seeing it happen, just that exact moment… But she has perfectly normal teeth now, and she doesn’t remember the event.

Parenting, man. It’s not for the squeamish.