It’s been a while, I’m finding it difficult to write, but things are going relatively smoothly. I started this draft almost six months ago, so here’s my timid return…

Last year Devin was given the opportunity to make a wish, thanks to Starlight Children’s Foundation. It was actually a difficult concept to explain to him, and a lot of the popular wishes (holidays, computers, meeting favourite celebrities) kind of went over the top of his 4-year-old head.  Something he’d repeated regularly, though, from pretty much the time he could speak in sentences, was that he wanted a dog.
We’d been talking about it before he got sick, and despite our situation being considerably different, we eventually (about six months after Dev was approved for a wish) decided we were prepared to take on a puppy, if Devin so… wished.
He did, and after a few weeks of communication with our coordinator, Nicola, Devin was presented with a lovely little Cocker Spaniel puppy. Jene had thought of some name options, and Devin chose Remy. Our local Petbarn also donated a credit account to their store, as did Duncan McGinness Veterinary, which was a lovely surprise.

He even got his own personalised name tag.












Now, we weren’t expecting it to be easy, but in hindsight, having a puppy and a six-month-old baby at the same time was particularly ambitious. In fact, I think a puppy is harder work than a baby for those first few weeks. There was strain. Jene had majority responsibility of Remy, I had majority responsibility of Miriam… for a little while, I thought it was a mistake. But, of course, things got easier, and Devin and Remy love each other. Miriam and Remy are a little troublemaking team, which is as cute as it is frustrating.

The writing gears are rusty and I’m tired, so I will leave you here. If you haven’t already, please have a look at Starlight, they’re a fantastic organisation that does so many wonderful things for sick kids.